Delma Augustine

Injury Prevention Partner for Infection Prevention, Treatment Safety team, ACC

ACC Treatment Safety – Infection Prevention Initiatives

Healthcare associated infections are a significant problem for people across health sector in NZ. Infections are the most common complication for patients in hospitals and many of these events are preventable. These injuries come as a huge burden not only to health sector, but also patients and whanau. Infections prolong the length of stay in the hospital, requiring additional interventions and medications, adding to the financial and psychological stress to the patients and their whanau.
ACC’s Infection Prevention programme aims to reduce the incidence and severity of harm caused to patients during the course of the treatment. We work alongside clinicians to deliver sustainable change and reduce the severity of the harm.
The Infection Prevention objectives are to improve patient safety by enabling healthcare workers to provide care informed by evidence-based best practise, increase awareness among patients and families and encouraging them to speak up, and strengthening surveillance and data collection.
The presentation will provide an overview including the aims and challenges of ACC’s initiatives: Healthcare Associated Infections Guiding Principles, Know Your IV Lines, New Zealand Aseptic Technique, Sepsis Prevention and Management, and National Antibiotic Guidance.

Delma Augustine is the Injury Prevention Partner for Infection Prevention, Treatment Safety team at ACC.
Delma is a registered nurse with 14 years’ experience. She has Masters in Nursing Science and is currently in her final year of completing a Masters in Health Service Management at Massey University.
Delma has worked in variety of roles which includes ICU staff nurse, IPC nurse (for 1 year), nurse educator- ICU, and Nurse Manager in patient quality and safety directorate.
Her current role involves working with the healthcare sector to build strong infection prevention activities which aim to reduce the preventable harm caused while receiving treatments.


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