Jill Wolfgang

Southern District Health Board

Review of UTI in Aged Residential Care
A common problem but do we ever know if is truly a UTI or is it asymptomatic bacteriuria. Learn three myths of UTI’s, hint – smell is not an indication of a UTI.  Strategies to prevent UTIs.

Jill Wolfgang MD
Trained in Infectious Disease at Virginia Commonwealth University at Richmond Virginia – 2001, under the auspices of Dr. Mike Edmond.
Worked in general infectious disease in York Pennsylvania 2003-2010, when moved to New Zealand.
Moved to New Zealand, met a man and stole a cat from Otago Boy’s school and now live here permanently (although the insanity of the USA under “he who shall not be named” strengthened my desire to stay).
Am passionate about Hand Hygiene, flossing teeth and smiling most days.

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