Rommel B. Principe

Nurse Educator, Canterbury District Health Board

Breakfast session: Friday 25 November – sponsored by 3M
A tale of practice change: our journey with implementing the use of IV Starter Packs in CDHB.

This presentation will give an overview of the process of adapting the changes identified by the 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice by using IV starter packs in clinical settings in the CDHB.  The presenter will outline the rationale for change and the challenges encountered during this implementation process. Furthermore, this session will encompass how leadership, collaboration, utilising “early adapters” and the power of “Why” in clinical settings, helped to overcome the challenges that have been identified along the way. This is a story of how best practice is brought to life by empowering clinicians to apply it at the bedside.

Rommel B. Principe, RN, MHealSc
Nurse Educator
General Medicine and Respiratory, CDHB.

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