Susan Jack

Public Health Physician | Medical Officer of Health | Clinicial Director of Public Health South, Southern District Health Board

Public Health in COVID times – A Southern perspective
It’s not over yet – how Southern managed their first wave of COVID-19 and responding to subsequent emerging COVID situations in a geographically dispersed district with two international airports and three international maritime ports.

Susan is a Public Health Physician and Medical Officer of Health and the Clinical Director of Public Health South, Southern District Health Board. She did her medical training at Otago, and spent her first two years as a house officer in Southland and Dunedin Hospitals. A year in Auckland doing paediatrics was followed by 16 years working in health in Cambodia. While there, she saw the public health light and returned to NZ ten years ago to complete a PhD and public health physician training. While Susan had plenty of experience in infectious diseases and outbreaks, COVID was a novel disease and it was a steep and busy learning curve in 2020 when the Southern region had the highest rate of COVID cases in the first wave in New Zealand. Susan enjoys being involved with public health response work and research that makes a practical difference

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